Be a part of our passionate team of volunteers today and take a step towards giving back to society.

Though you volunteer without expecting any benefits as such for yourself.

You must know

eventually how it would all end up mattering in your life…

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Brings fun and fulfilment
  • A Chance to give back to the community
  • Network / Meet new people / Make new friends
  • Build on experiences, gain knowledge and skills
  • Gain confidence and build a real sense of achievement
  • Discovery of inner calling, passion and purpose

Why Volunteer at AIKYA?

  • Become a social leader
  • Be a part of a global network
  • Enhancement of team working abilities
  • Advance your careers
  • Make a difference in someone’s life
  • Platform to pursue your goals and interests

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AIKYA - United to Serve is an initiative of the National Institute of Value Education. National Institute of Value Education is a 12A registered organisation with section 80(G) status under the income tax act.