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Intern Speaks

Working as an intern at AIKYA from May-June, 2019, I realised the importance of the values of compassion and austerity in a person’s life. It taught me that the satisfaction received from helping out someone in need transcends other forms of happiness. It taught me the quality of sacrificing the little things in life for the greater good, and realizing the value of the smile it may bring on someone’s face.

In our time at AIKYA, we worked on the planning and implementation of various projects like the Zero Plate Waste Program, the Global Citizenship Fellowship Programme, among others. The experience has gone a long way in changing me as a person and realising the value of the little actions that we can take in our day to day life to make someone’s day better.

It was truly an enlightening experience to have worked with AIKYA for this duration, and I would encourage everyone to go through this experience as it really changes one’s outlook towards life in general.

– Ritvick Kapoor, IIM – Indore

What our volunteer says

As a volunteer at AIKYA, I acted as a part of the team conducting the World Environment Day 2018 celebrations wherein 5000 saplings were distributed in 15 prime locations of Bengaluru with the help of over 300 volunteers. It helped me develop the quality of teamwork, while also developing the consciousness towards the environment and to our responsibility towards the continually deteriorating state of the environment, particularly in the city of Bengaluru.

The initiative opened my eyes towards the side of the picture I’ve long been blind to.
Therefore, volunteering with AIKYA has been a valuable experience, which has not only helped me work with a team better, but also helped me develop the feeling of giving back to the environment in return for what we keep taking from it. It was truly a wonderful and an eye-opening experience to work with AIKYA

– Nikhil Krishna, BITS Pilani – Dubai Campus

Beneficiary Speaks

I am a student of the Government High School, IISc, where AIKYA conducts its Education Project. Volunteers from AIKYA visit us every week to teach us various subjects like English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Being a part of this program has instilled a lot of confidence in the students of this school, who are now no longer intimidated by social interactions as they used to be before this project was initiated.

This project has helped us all grow together and made us realise the importance of education which we so conveniently used to neglect before this program helped us realise and learn so much more than we thought there was to education.

– Apoorva, Student, Government High School

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