Social Leadership

We aim to develop the leaders of the future equipped with the necessary tools for change

At AIKYA, we believe that the most important tool to make a better world is to hone and prepare the leaders for tomorrow, and to equip them with tools like sensitivity towards the issues faced by the people around the world, and to be mindful of the constraints that are faced while trying to overcome them. With our Social Leadership initiatives, we work along these lines while developing solutions to issues and by investing in our youth.

Become a leader today!

Join us in the quest to create a better world for the generations to come by being the leaders of change for tomorrow.

Leadership Workshops and Summits

During Leadership summits, the volunteers will be a part of a panels with the aim to come up with a viable solution to a major problem unanimously, local or global, so as to affect as many lives as possible with these solutions. Volunteers are also trained to become social leaders through leadership workshops.

Rural Immersion Program

The volunteers shall go through rural immersion workshops, where they can gain hands-on experience of the rural parts of India and to see what problems the people there are facing. This would sensitize them, make them aware of these issues faced by people, and motivate them to help these people out to the best of their abilities.

Youth Conclaves

To hone the orators and leaders in the volunteers, we shall have some youth conclaves around the year, which would help them grow and take responsibility of the entire event, which would be wholly conducted by them.


I have learnt so many skills from this programme: compassion, courage and strength. It has been an unforgettable journey for me. I believe everyone should have such an experience at least once in their life.


Student, Christ University

“Volunteering for AIKYA has been a whole new experience. I came here inexperienced and left with knowledge no book could ever teach me. Today I can confidently tell that I can lead a team of changemakers”


Student, PES University

“I took part in the youth conclave organized by AIKYA and it was the best experience I’ve ever had. I met new people, made new friends and got an opportunity to voice my opinion in front of a large number of like-minded people.”


Student, BMSCE

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