Social Innovation

At AIKYA, we believe that it is up to the youth of the country to come up with the ideas and the floor plans for a better country to live in in the future. For this, we seek to inspire and train them towards this end.

What we do

As a part of our social innovation campaign, we plan to bring about social change across India by promoting the youth to find and develop projects that could help a section of the society to make their lives easier. We plan to do this by helping them initiate projects, and providing them the necessary means and guidance to help them towards the completion of these projects, with which we would seek to help as many individuals as possible.

Our Projects

To facilitate these innovations on a large scale, we seek to train our volunteers to know about the problems faced by people by understanding their root causes and to come up with ideas and implementable solutions to various problems that are faced by the people across the country. Some of the projects that we intend to work on with our volunteers and interns are:

  • Improving awareness about the need for the right nutrition in children
  • Women empowerment – ways and challenges
  • Improving the gross enrollment ratio beyond class 8 in India
  • Impact of literacy on the existing social issues
  • Promoting the use of solar energy in schools that do not receive electricity
  • Making education a priority among people who have lived for generations without it
  • Promotion of Biogas plants in villages

Our Work


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