The Global Citizenship Fellowship Programme

The Global Citizen Fellowship Programme is a four-stage fellowship program that complements university education in developing a student holistically, through aspects such as critical thinking, cultural education, problem-solving abilities, and leadership skills. The programme will consist of international aspirants, with the aim of transforming them into global citizens.

Three defining features

Global citizenship is more important now than ever because the world has become highly divided. Nations and societies are moving towards isolationism – withdrawing towards their own cultures and ideologies. However, the world shares problems that can be solved only when nations collaborate and cooperate with each other. Not only challenges but the nature of the 21st century has presented opportunities that can be seized only through global cooperation and a change in the value system.


We conduct leadership summits featuring guests of high repute, workshops on leadership and communication skills, offer cultural integration through interaction and immersion, and provide constant guidance for our citizens’ projects throughout the fellowship.


We believe in learning beyond the books and expect our fellows to follow the same ideology. Fellows are given the opportunity to explore various avenues to gain experience, including volunteering, group projects, field trips and industry visits.

Exchange Program

Keeping in mind the academic and project-related needs of the citizens, we provide for free foreign exchanges during the fellowship. Our fellows can visit places they feel would benefit the most from their project, and execute it to perfection.

The fellowship has been divided into the following four four levels

Global Citizenship Level - I

Learn & Assimilate

The participants are exposed to various foundational skills and subjects

Global Citizenship Level - II

Interact & Grow

The participants are exposed to heterogeneous cultures and receive first-hand experience

Global Citizenship Level - III

Innovate & Explore

The participants can be hosts, and can travel to other countries as well

Global Citizenship Level - IV

Lead & Conquer

The participants are a member of an influential worldwide community of global citizens

How do I apply for this fellowship?

You can apply for this course by filling up the application form given below. Remember to check the eligibility criteria mentioned here.


The candidate must be at least 18 years old.

The candidate must be in the 1st or 2nd year of their undergraduate education

The candidate must have no records of misbehaviour.

What is the Selection process?

Selection to the GLC Programme is a two-step process:

  1. Application form: The application form will consist of questions that will test the IQ, logical and critical thinking of the candidate

  2. Interviews: Three rigorous rounds of interviews where the general knowledge, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, among others, will be tested.


The candidates will be shortlisted for the Interview Round based on their Application Form score.

The cumulation of the scores in both rounds will determine the final score and the rank of the candidate.