AIKYA Leadership Forum

Leadership Forums are platforms for college students to partake in AIKYA’s mission of bringing about social change by engaging the youth. These forums are congregations of students who are motivated towards orchestrating a social revolution. The students in these forums organise various events in their colleges to create awareness.

AIKYA Leadership Forums


Leaders Empowered

Volunteers Trained


Youth Empowerment

AIKYA aims to empower the youth by providing them a platform to express their views freely and to discuss issues of national and international importance with colleagues of similar intellect.

Social Leadership

The youth associated with the forums get trained under accomplished professionals from various fields, including celebrated professors and renowned HODs. Thus, they grow up to become successful leaders of the future.


Youth Community

One of the important purposes these forums serve is to form a community of young, passionate leaders who have the potential to become leaders of the future. This community will be the harbinger of future social revolutions.

Social Innovation

Students’ innovative skills are tested by activities involving problem solving questions that deal with contemporary social issues. Through repeated practice and interaction with real-world problems, their creative & critical thinking skills are improved.

Social Immersion

Students need to realise the ground realities to recognize issues before coming up with solutions for them- ALF provides social immersion opportunities alongside encouraging innovation.

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AIKYA - United to Serve is an initiative of the National Institute of Value Education. National Institute of Value Education is a 12A registered organisation with section 80(G) status under the income tax act.